DJ Ashton Martin


Dj Ashton Martin was a fun project to tackle. Ashton Martin is the top DJ in the Kansas City and surrounding area. He's done All-Star games, MLS Cups and most recently the last two World Series' for the Kansas City Royals. He is sponsored by big brands like Nike, Red Bull, Anheuser Busch etc.

From Ashton's website:

Ashton Martin has the unique ability to read a room full of individuals and tailor the specific vibe, energy, and excitement of the event for the partygoers. With an immense music repertoire stemming from an early education in music, Ashton captures crowds for a high-voltage performance. Mixing effortlessly between genres has become a trademark quality, guaranteeing full crowd excitement and participation.

In having such a high profile, Ashton needs his website, iOS and Android apps to be outstanding. We worked together and built something that his fans truly appreciate, as well as driving organic traffic and commerce for his business. Ashton has always had very good taste in visual effects and wanted only the best for his website and apps.

The first thing that I did was to port his old outdated website from the 1900's onto a new platform. The old website had a lot of information, links, pictures, etc that were unorganized and really did not give the feel that you were visiting Ashton's site. There was no telemetry or analytics built in, so he didn't know if people were visiting his site or not. We now can analyze his web traffic, promote his shows, promote his mixes and accept business inquiries - along with much more. Most importantly, when you visit Ashton's site, you really feel like you're on Ashton's domain... and quite literally, you are :-)


The next thing I tackled was his apps. Ashton had worked with someone previously that created an Android and iOS app for him. These apps had no connection to his website whatsoever. They also looked different, were unorganized, and again did not feel like you were in Ashton's world. I took his apps and completely gutted them - ripping out all functionality and re-wrote them from the ground up. Download his app below and take a look. You will see an app that is completely integrated with the website. They share the same experience and you really feel Ashton's presence. It is a wonderful experience for his fans and a great way for them to keep up to date on his music, shows and contact him directly.

See the apps for yourself: